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Noam Ross is an experienced disease ecologist and R (programming language) expert working out of New York.[1]


In 2006, Noam Ross received his Bachelor of Science degree in Environmental Studies from Brown University. Ross continued his education at the University of California, Davis, where he received a Ph.D. in ecology in 2015.[1] During his time at UC Davis, he gave multiple presentations at the Ecological Society of America Annual Meeting[2] that covered "Modeling forest disease using a macroparasite framework" and "Optimal control of disease with individual-based models".

Occupational Work and Research[edit]

Currently, Noam Ross is the Principal Scientists for Computational Research at EcoHealth Alliance.[1] As a disease ecologist, Ross studies the transmission of diseases that originated from certain species and how they have effected other species, including humans. Using non-parametric models, Ross works to predict how and when these diseases will impact humanity.[1]

COVID-19 Research[edit]

EcoHealth Alliance, the employer of Noam Ross, works with The Global Virome Project (GVP), which is an association of experienced pandemic prevention minds.[3][4] As part of the GVP, Ross studies what makes certain regions more susceptible to zoonotic viruses like COVID-19.[4] The three main factors that determine how effective zoonotic viruses are immense biodiversity, signs of climate change, and land that has been affected by deforestation.[4] Ross consulted with governor Andrew Cuomo's team to produce a cluster map to help stop the spread of COVID-19 in New York.[5]

R Contributions[edit]

Through his studies and occupation, Noam Ross has accumulated over eight years of R experience.[6] Outside of his work with EcoHealth Alliance, Ross works with ROpenSci to create new R packages for the community to use.[7] The majority of Ross's work with ROpenSci is editing packages that his peers produce.[6] Ross is known for being outspoken about the DataCamp sexual assault scandal.[8]


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