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Noel Knockwood, (1932-2014) a Canadian first nations leader and Mi'kmaq Grand Council member since 1975, was a spiritual leader of the Mi'kmaq People.

Early life[edit]

Knockwood was born in 1932.[1] He gained a B.A. and belonged to the National Aboriginal Veterans Association, Ontario Region.[2]


He served as Sergeant-at-Arms for the Nova Scotia Legislature from 2000-2005[2] and was recognised at the 2002 National Aboriginal Achievement Awards, now the Indspire Awards, for his stewardship of history, culture and spirituality in the native community.[3]

Knockwood also ceremonially lifted the curse from the Angus L. Macdonald Bridge at its opening in 1955, the third bridge to be erected across The Narrows, a strait in Halifax Harbour following the fall of two others previously.


He died of a stroke on 7 April 2014, aged 81.[4]


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