Nomans Land Range

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Noman’s Land Range
Part of United States Navy
Chilimark, Massachusetts
A 509th Bombardment Wing FB-111A aircraft drops Mark 82 high drag practice bombs along a coastline during a training exercise DF-ST-91-02468.jpg
FB-111A from the 509th Bombardment Wing dropping Mark 82 practice bombs during a training mission over the island
CoordinatesCoordinates: 41°15′18.00″N 70°48′54.00″W / 41.2550000°N 70.8150000°W / 41.2550000; -70.8150000
Site information
OwnerChilmark, Massachusetts
Controlled byCommonwealth of Massachusetts
Open to
the public
Site history
In use1944-1946

The Noman’s Land Range was a former naval bomb range for aviators, located on Nomans Land, in Chilmark, Massachusetts.


An airfield was constructed by the U.S. Navy on the southern edge of the island between November 1942 and May 1944, and the island was used, beginning in World War II, as Nomans Land Range for 53 years, 1943-1996. The airfield was abandoned by the U.S. Navy sometime between 1945 and 1954.[1]

In 1952 the island was sold by the Crane family to the Navy.[2]

The eastern third of the island has been managed by the Fish and Wildlife Service since 1975. Following an effort to clear the island of ordnance in 1997 and 1998, the rest of the island was transferred to the FWS for use as a wildlife refuge, primarily for migratory birds.[2]

Two restricted airspace areas, R-4105A and R-4105B, overlaid the island due to the site's former use as a range. These restricted areas were revoked in October 2014.[3]


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