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Nonami is the area in Tempaku-ku, Nagoya surrounding Nonami Station.

Because it is located on the border of Midori-ku, Nagoya and Tempaku-ku, Nagoya, many customers from Tempaku-ku patronize businesses in Nonami.


  • There are many businesses next to the station (bookstores, convenience stores, etc.) but large shopping centers are not noticeable from the station.
  • While there are many old buildings, for the sake of having many modern buildings, in the downtown area, there are many kinds of streets especially more modern ones.
  • About a five-minute walk from the station, by Tempaku River, are noticeable construction facilities.
  • Nonami Station is the last stop on the Sakura-dōri Line. Line extension plans are underway for the future because ridership is very high.


  • Nonami Station on the Sakura-dōri Line.
  • "Nonami" bus stop serviced by the Nagoya City Municipal Bus service.

Coordinates: 35°06′22″N 136°57′19″E / 35.106000°N 136.955181°E / 35.106000; 136.955181[1]


  1. ^ Google maps are copyrighted and can't be used in Wikipedia articles. However, a very nice map that highlights the entire area covered by "Nonami" can be generated by starting Google Maps and searching for "Nonami Tempaku-ku, Nagoya".