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Nonsuch may refer to the following:

Ships or ship types[edit]

  • Nonsuch, the English ship that sailed into Hudson Bay in 1668–69
  • HMS Nonsuch, name of several English and British warships
  • USS Nonsuch (1813), a US warship from 1813
  • HMCS Nonsuch, a Canadian Naval Reserve division in Edmonton, Alberta
  • Nonsuch (sailboat), a cat-rigged sailboat manufactured in Canada.
  • Nonsuch was a country-ship of 483 tons burthen (bm), launched at Calcutta in 1781 to serve as a merchantman or a warship. She made one voyage for the British East India Company from Bengal to Britain in 1795-6, and was broken up in 1802 after suffering damage in an accident.


  • Nonsuch House, 1579, on London Bridge
  • Nonsuch Palace, an English royal palace built by Henry VIII in what is now Surrey
    • Treaty of Nonsuch, a treaty made at the palace between England and the Dutch Republic in 1585.
    • Nonsuch Park, a public park in the London Borough of Sutton, part of the larger park associated with the palace
    • Nonsuch Mansion, a mansion in Nonsuch Park


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