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Directed by François Ducat
Produced by Les Productions du Lagon, Iota Productions, RTBF, France 3, WIP
Screenplay by François Ducat
Music by Warner Chappell Music France
Cinematography Bernard Verstraete
Edited by Marie-Hélène Mora
Release date
Running time
52 minutes
Country Belgium
France is a 2007 documentary film.


The Internet has revolutionized the relations between people and continents. In Cameroon, it's a phenomenon: it has become some sort of El Dorado for young women from Cameroon who dream of helping their families thanks to a white husband. Josy, Sylvie and Mireille tried their luck at countless cybercafés in Yaoundé and live happily with their "whites" in Wallonia, Flanders and the Pyrenees. Others, like Natalie, weren’t so lucky and had to go back home after a bad experience.[1]


  • Festival International du Film Indépendant (Bruselas, 2008)


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