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Nordman on stage.jpg
Nordman on stage
Background information
Genresfolk rock
Years active1994 (1994)–1998
MembersHåkan Hemlin
Mats Wester

Nordman is a Swedish duo founded in 1993, that mixes folk music with rock and pop. This genre is called etnorock or folk rock in Swedish. The group consists of Håkan Hemlin, as singer and frontman and Mats Wester, who plays the nyckelharpa as well as serving as the main songwriter.

The group's biggest hits were "Förlist" (Shipwrecked) and "Vandraren" (The Wanderer). The group split up in 1998 because of the lead singer's drug problem, but reunited in 2004. They made a comeback in the Swedish Melodifestivalen with the song "Ödet var min väg" (The fate was my way) and released a comeback album called Anno 2005 in 2005.

In 2008, they competed once again in Melodifestivalen with the song "I lågornas sken" and finished in sixth place behind winner Charlotte Perrelli.

His song "Vandraren" was covered by Blackmore's Night on their 2010 album Autumn Sky and by Ensiferum on their 2009 album From Afar.

Håkan Hemlin at Stockholm Pride 2015



Håkan Hemlin and Mats Wester met in a studio in Deer Park in 1991. Håkan was there with his rock band Bye Bye to record a demo to a promo-CD. Mats had for some years been experimenting with blending folk and pop and searched for a vocalist to the project. He asked Håkan if he was interested to try some, and he was. Experiments began after a few hits came the embryo of what would become the song "Förlist" (wrecked). Gradually added another demos and autumn of 1993 it was time to check if any record company wanted to do an album with the new, completely unknown group Nordman.


Sonet Records showed interest and signed Nordman. Then work began on the first album. In February 1994, released first single "Förlist" (wrecked). The album was released in late April of that year. Already after four weeks, the album was recorded for gold record (at that time was 50 000 copies). The second single "The Wanderer" went straight to Sommartoppen's first place, and remained there all summer. During the summer, the album also crossed the border for platinum (100 000 copies). Before the year was over they had passed the 3 x platinum. Nordman toured in Sweden, more or less nonstop for a year. Two singles were released from the album, "Laglöst land" (Lawless Land) and "Ännu glöder solen" (The sun still glows) The latter came first in the Swedish charts in early 1995.


Just one year after their debut album, on 22 November 1995, the band released their second album, Ingenmansland (No Man's Land). The album was pre-ordered in over 100 000 copies, meaning it was certified platinum before it was even released. The song "Be Mig" (Ask Me) became a hit on the radio. In the spring of 1996 went on a Nordman-sized ice rink-tour finale[clarification needed] at Cirkus in Stockholm. The concert at Circus was filmed and broadcast by TV4, but were also given out in stores.[clarification needed] The summer tour consisted of festival appearances around the country.


Spring and summer of 1997 were spent writing material for another album. Autumn 1997 was the album Här och nu (Here and Now) set.[clarification needed] It was finished later in the fall and was released in November of that year. Like Ingenmansland, the album was pre-ordered in over 100 000 copies, and thus certified platinum. Promotional work was done during November–December. In January 1998, Nordman took a break.


It would be seven years before Hemlin and Wester met again. Their friendship was built up and eventually led to a restart of songwriting and studio work. After the summer of 2004 Hemlin and Wester seriously started picking up the work of Nordman again. Bonnier Amigo became the new record company to contract the group. The first official appearance was in Melodifestivalen 2005 with the song "Ödet var min väg" (Fate was my path). A new album was recorded between January and April 2005. The album was released on April 27. During the summer of 2005, Nordman toured again in Sweden.


Nordman went back into the studio to write new songs for another album. During November–December 2006, Nordman toured with Julgalan Norrland. A highly acclaimed performance, in which Håkan Hemlin among other things performed an unexpected Motown-medley with Brolle Jr., Roger Pontare and Chris Lind wearing white jackets. In the autumn of 2007 Nordman toured in clubs around Sweden. On 24 October 2007 Nordman released a new single, "Du Behöver" (You Need).


In early January, Nordman released the radio single "Längtan" (Longing), a duet with Jessica Anderson from the upcoming album Djävul eller gud (Devil or God). Nordman participated in Melodifestivalen with the song "I lågornas sken" (In light of the flames) Written by Lina Eriksson and Mårten Eriksson. In race number four in Karlskrona, March 1, Nordman became eligible to the second chance in Kiruna, which was held the following week. After a game exclusion with Andreas and Carola and then Suzzie Tapper, Nordman went on to the final in Globen. In the finale, Nordman was placed creditable 6th.


During a recording session at Wester's home, Nordman recorded their first song to be released in English, "Dance to the loop". The song was first set to never be released, but as they found it funny, they created a promotional video in a couple of hours and released it as a download on iTunes and for streaming on Spotify. A lot of fans didn't appreciate the "new" Nordman, while others found it funny and original.


February saw the light of a new album, Patina. The album consisted of acoustic versions of some of the band's most famous songs, a couple old favorites and some new compositions. The line-up was Håkan Hemlin, Mats Wester, Claudia Müller (flutist) and Dani Strömbeck (pianist). During February, the quintet[inconsistent] made a tour in Sweden from north to south, mostly playing in churches and small concert-halls.



Studio albums

Year Album Translation of title Peak positions Certification
1994 Nordman 1
1995 Ingenmansland No Man's Land 1
1997 Här och nu Here and Now 5
2005 Anno 2005 Year 2005 8
2008 Djävul eller Gud Devil or God 3
2010 Korsväg Crossroad 8
2014 Patina Patina 34
2019 Tänk om What If 8

Compilation albums

Year Album Translation of title Peak positions Certification
1994 Nordmans bästa – I vandrarens spår Best of Nordman – In the Wanderer's Footprints 36
2004 Bästa Best of  –
2004 Pärlor (collection) Pearls  –


Year Single Peak positions Album
1994 "Förlist" 5 Nordman
"Vandraren" 7
"Laglöst land" 40
1995 "Ännu glöder solen"  – Ingenmansland
"Be mig" 12
1996 "På mossen"  –
"Det sista du ser"  –
"Live-singel"  –
1997 "Se dig själv"  – Här och nu
1998 "Hjälp mig att leva" 26
2005 "Ödet var min väg" 10 Anno 2005
"Allt eller ingenting"  –
2007 "Du behöver" 6 Djävul eller Gud
"I lågornas sken" 6
2008 "Hon är redan här"  –
2008 "Om Gud var jag" 6 Korsväg
2013 "Dance to the loop"  –
Featured in
Year Single Peak positions Album
2007 "Livet som en värsting"
(Rastegar feat. Nordman)


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