Norwegian Skating Association

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Norwegian Skating Association
Norges Skøyteforbundlogo.gif
Formation 27 February 1893
Type Sports association
Headquarters Oslo, Norway
Official language
Rune Gerhardsen

The Norwegian Skating Association (Norwegian: Norges Skøyteforbund, NSF) is the main skating authoritative body in Norway. It oversees speed skating, figure skating, short track speed skating on ice and more recently inline and roller skating.

The Norwegian Skating Association was founded on 27 February 1893 and currently[when?] has about 7,000 members.[1] It is a member of the Norwegian Olympic Committee and Confederation of Sports, the International Skating Union (ISU) and Federation International de Roller Skating (FIRS).

The NSA publishes a magazine named Skøytesport.

Former presidents[edit]

This is a list of former presidents of the Norwegian Skating Association:[2]


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