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Noriko H. Arai (Japanese: 新井紀子, born 1962[1]) is a Japanese researcher in mathematical logic and artificial intelligence,[2] known for her work on a project to develop robots that can pass the entrance examinations for the University of Tokyo.[3] She is a professor in the information and society research division of the National Institute of Informatics.[3][4]

Education and career[edit]

Arai was born in Tokyo. She earned a law degree from Hitotsubashi University[2] and then, in 1985, a mathematics degree magna cum laude from the University of Illinois at Urbana–Champaign.[2][4] Her doctorate is from the Tokyo Institute of Technology.[2]

She joined the National Institute of Informatics in 2001.[4]


Arai's Todai Robot Project aims to build a robot that can pass the entrance examinations for the University of Tokyo (commonly known as Todai) by 2021.[3][5] Arai became director of the project in 2011.[2] At a 2017 TED Talk, she reported that her system could achieve a score better than 80% of the applicants to the university; however, this was still not a passing score. Arai sees the success of the project as evidence that human education should concentrate more on problem solving and creativity, and less on rote learning.[6]

Arai is also the founder of Researchmap, "the largest social network for researchers in Japan".[7] She was one of 15 top artificial intelligence researchers invited by French president Emmanuel Macron to join him in March 2018 for the announcement of a major new French initiative for artificial intelligence research.[8]


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