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Norio Kobayashi (小林 のりお, Kobayashi Norio, born 1952) is a Japanese photographer.

Kobayashi was born in Ōdate, Akita in 1952.[1] He left Nippon Dental College in 1980, before graduation, and graduated from Tokyo College of Photography (postgraduate course) in 1983.[1]

Kobayashi had a solo exhibition "Landscapes" at Gallery Eye-Heart, Tokyo in 1982, showing a series of landscapes taken in the urban marginal area, often developed for housing or a new city development. In 1986 he published Landscape, was awarded the award for new photographers by the Photographic Society of Japan in 1987. First Light won the Kimura Ihei Award for photography in 1993.

Kobayashi's photographs were exhibited with those by Yūji Saiga, Naoya Hatakeyama and Toshio Yamane in an exhibition, Land of Paradox, that travelled around the US in 1996–97.[2]


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