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Norrie Muir (born 1948) Scottish climber and prolific first ascentionist. Member of the exclusive Creagh Dhu mountaineering club, and with Stevie Docherty and George Adam formed a group known as the “Steam Team.” He was particularly active during the 1970s and 1980 when he contributed over 30 first ascents in Scotland in both summer and winter. He did the first free ascent, and second overall ascent of King Kong (E2) on Carn Dearg Buttress with ‘Big Ian’ Nicholson in June 1970 and two days later they did Heidbanger (E1). Muir returned 7 years later to climb the true start with Arthur Paul, with whom he also did many of his winter routes including the classic "Silver Tear"; a spectacular icefall on Bheinn Bann in the North-West Highlands. In 1977 the pair contributed four new winter ascents on Ben Nevis, including Minus One Buttress (VI,6) and Rubicon Wall (V,5) via the 1933 Hargreaves Route, and in January 1978 they did the first winter ascent of Psychedelic Wall (VI,5) in appalling weather conditions. Went to Waverley Senior Secondary School in Knightswood 1961-1965, served his apprenticeship as a Ship Draughtsman in John Browns, Clydebank from 1965-1970.


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