NorthAmeriCon '79

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NorthAmeriCon '79
NorthAmeriCon79 badge logo.PNG
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Genre Science fiction/Fantasy
Venue Galt House Hotel
Location(s) Louisville, Kentucky
Country United States
Inaugurated August 30-September 3, 1979
Attendance 2,000

NorthAmeriCon '79 was the second North American Science Fiction Convention, held in Louisville, Kentucky, on August 30-September 3, 1979, at the Galt House Hotel.[1] This NASFiC was held because Brighton, England, was selected as the location for the 1979 Worldcon.

Guests of honor[edit]


Site selection[edit]

After the 1979 Worldcon was awarded to a site in England, Louisville was chosen as the site for the second NASFiC during the WSFS business meeting at Suncon, the 35th World Science Fiction Convention, in Miami Beach, Florida.[2][3] Louisville ran unopposed and was chosen by acclamation during the business meeting.[2]


NorthAmeriCon '79 was put together, in part, by the organizers of RiverCon, a local Louisville convention.[3]

  • Chair: Cliff Amos
  • Vice-Chair: Bob Roehm
  • Operations: Ken Amos
  • Registrar: Steve Francis
  • Special Events: Shelby Bush and Irvin Koch
  • Publications: Bob Roehm
  • Art Show: Ken & Lou Moore
  • Film Program: Mike Hutto and Mike Jenevice


The official convention newsletter, known as Nebula, was produced by Richard and Nicki Lynch. The Lynches produced the award-winning fanzine Mimosa from 1982 to 2003.


Notable program participants[edit]

Steve Jackson, later of Steve Jackson Games, was in attendance. In Space Gamer #29, he noted: "Labor Day, 1979: I was at North Americon in Louisville, trying to relax. In my spare moments, I would occasionally gaze at my briefcase and grin mindlessly. It contained a completely typeset copy of TFT:ITL" (i.e. The Fantasy Trip: In the Labyrinth, which would not be published until the following year).

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