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The North American Taiwan Studies Association (NATSA) is an American 501(c)(3) nonprofit academic organization established in 1994. It is operated by overseas Taiwanese students, North American doctoral students, and recent graduates who are interested in Taiwan studies.[1] The NATSA annual conferences are the largest academic events on Taiwan Studies in North America. The NATSA conferences not only provide scholars and students of Taiwan Studies a regular forum to meet and exchange intellectual ideas, but also allow researchers on East-Asia and beyond to receive dynamic feedback and broaden their academic horizons.

Early history[edit]

When NATSA was founded, it was known as the North American Taiwan Studies Conference and was located on the web at until August 2006 when it switched to its current address.[2]

Previous conference locations, themes, and corresponding presidents[edit]

Year Location Conference Theme [3] President(s)
1994 Yale University Inaugural North American Taiwan Studies Conference
1995 Yale University History and Nationalism Chia-lung Lin 林佳龍 [4]
1996 Michigan State University The Politics of Ethnicity and Identity Jih-wen Lin 林繼文 [5]
1997 University of California, Berkeley Mapping the Terrain of Taiwan Studies Chung-Hsien Huang 黃崇憲 [6]
1998 University of Texas, Austin Putting Taiwan in Global Perspective Mei-Lin Pan 潘美玲 [7]
1999 University of Wisconsin, Madison Re-Imagining Political Community: Taiwan Facing the New Millennium Wei-der Shu 許維德 [8]
2000 Harvard University Taiwan 2000: Envisioning a Pluralistic Future Tze-Luen Lin 林子倫 [9]
2001 Washington University, Seattle Seeking Taiwanese Perspectives: Interdisciplinary Reflection and Dialogue Chien-Juh Gu 辜千祝 [10]
2002 University of Chicago Power, Knowledge Production, and Agency: Towards a Critical Taiwan Studies Hsiu-hua Shen 沈秀華 [11]
2003 Rutgers University Changes, Continuity and Contestations in the Taiwanese Society Jeffrey Hou 侯志仁 [12]
2004 University of Hawai'i, Manoa Taiwan Studies in Comparative Perspectives Jeffrey Hou 侯志仁
2005 University of Colorado, Boulder Difference, Democracy, Justice: Toward an Inclusive Taiwanese Society Chun-Chi Wang 王君琦 [13]
2006 University of California, Santa Cruz Crossing the Borders, Fostering the Future: Taiwan Studies in the Intersections Frank Cheng-Shan Liu 劉正山 [14]
2007 University of Wisconsin, Madison Taiwan in the Nexus of Empires Huey-Tyng Gau 高慧婷
2008 Washington University, Seattle Translating the Political, Re-visioning the Social: What's the Next Turn for Taiwan? Cheng-Yi Huang 黃丞儀 [15]
2009 University of Texas, Austin Locating Taiwan: Space, Culture and Society Hsun-Hui Tseng 曾薰慧 [16]
2010 University of California, Berkeley China Effect: Securing Taiwan in an Age of Conflicts and Cooperation Yi-tze Lee 李宜澤 [17]
2011 University of Pittsburgh The Trajectory of Taiwan in a Global Context Hsin-Yang Wu 吳欣陽
2012 Indiana University, Bloomington Taiwan: Gateway, Node, Liminal Space Chris Chih-Ming Liang 梁志鳴
2013 University of California, Santa Barbara Taiwan in Theory Laura Jo-Han Wen 温若含
2014 University of Wisconsin, Madison The Zeitgeists of Taiwan: Looking Back, Moving Forward [18] Dominic Meng-Hsuan Yang 楊孟軒 [19]
2015 Harvard University, Boston Motions and the Motionless: (Dis/Re-) Connecting Taiwan to the World [20] Feng-En Tu 涂豐恩
2016 University of Toronto Taiwan Studies in Trans* Perspectives: Transdisciplinary, Transnational, and Transcultural Ching-Fang Hsu 許菁芳
2017 Stanford University RE: Taiwan as Practice, Method, and Theory Chi-ting Peng 彭琪庭

Hsin-hung Yeh 葉信鴻

2018 University of Texas, Austin Beyond an Island: Taiwan in Comparative Perspective Shu-Wen Tang 湯舒雯
2019 University of Washington, Seattle Destabilizing Empires from the Margin: Taiwan Studies in Reflection Eric Siu-kei Cheng 鄭肇祺

NATSA initiated projects[edit]

NATSA Professional Development Webinar Series[edit]

The NATSA professional development webinars started in August, 2017. The objectives of the series are:

  • Enhance members’ professional skills
  • Strengthen professional networks of members in the academia and the industry
  • Promote NATSA to non-members
So far, topics of the NATSA professional developmental webinar series included:
Date Topic Guest speaker
2017/8/12 Life after PhD— Navigating Assistant Professorship Dr. Chia-chen Yang (University of Memphis)

Dr. I-chun Catherine Chang (Macalester College)

2017/10/1 Fieldnotes from Academic Job Markets Dr. John Chung-en Liu (Occidental College)
2017/11/4 Connecting Science to Taiwan: Learning, Organization, and Action Dr. Ting-chun Kuo (University of British Columbia)

Mr. Yen-yung Chang (Caltech)

2018/1/14 Conferences: Participant Observation from an Anthropologist Dr. Derek Sheridan (Brandeis University)
2018/2/24 Introduction of Instructional Technology Dr. Elu Tu (Southern Connecticut State University)
2018/3/30 Taiwanese Studies in Europe: Research, Academia, and Job Market Dr. Ming-yeh Rawnsley (SOAS)

Dr. Adina Zemanek (Jagiellonian University)

2018/4/8 Job Application and Experience in Asia-Pacific Academia Dr. Harry Wu (Hong Kong University)
2018/12/9 Getting Familiar with Quantitative Research(er) Dr. Cheng-Tong Wang (Evaluation and Research Department of a national NGO)

Dr. Chengshi Shiu (UCLA School of Nursing)

Taiwan Syllabus Project[edit]

NATSA initiative a project in summer of 2017 to identify Taiwan-related courses in the U.S. and Canada. The project is ongoing:

Sponsors of NATSA[edit]


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