North Evington

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North Evington is an area of the city of Leicester, England which is an inclusion of Highfields. It is in the east of the city, south of the Uppingham Road, between Spinney Hills (in which ward the population is included) to the west and Crown Hills to the east. To the north of it is New Humberstone, and to the south is Evington Valley.

The development was originally in the parish of Evington, disconnected from the village itself. The areas in between have been infilled later on. It has been absorbed by the urban district of Highfields which is predominantly a working class area with rows of Victorian terraces to satisfy the needs of workers.

The area was designed and constructed as a suburb, by Arthur Wakerley from the 1880s onwards. By the First World War the area was entirely developed. The area, which was originally outside the borough boundary, was annexed to the borough of Leicester in 1892.

Coordinates: 52°38′10″N 1°05′35″W / 52.636°N 1.093°W / 52.636; -1.093