North Korean parliamentary election, 1977

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North Korean parliamentary election, 1977
North Korea
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All 541 seats to the Supreme People's Assembly
  First party
  Kim Il Sung Portrait-2.jpg
Leader Kim Il-sung
Party Workers' Party
Alliance Fatherland Front
Seats won
127 / 541
Seat change Decrease 161

Premier before election

Kim Il-sung
Workers' Party


Kim Il-sung
Workers' Party

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Parliamentary elections were held in North Korea on 11 November 1977 to elect the 579 members of the sixth Supreme People's Assembly. In the first session, "The 2nd 7-yr Economic Development Plan of the DPRK" (1978–1984) was approved. Another topic on the agenda was "Let Us Further Strengthen People's Power".[not verified in body]


Alliance Votes % Seats
Democratic Front for the Reunification of the Fatherland 100 579
Total 100 579
Registered voters/turnout 100
Source: Yonhap[1]


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