North Wing Design

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North Wing Design
Industry Aerospace
Headquarters Chelan, Washington, United States
Products Hang gliders
Ultralight trikes
Light-sport aircraft

North Wing Design is an American aircraft manufacturer, specializing in hang gliders, light-sport aircraft and ultralight trikes. The company was based in East Wenatchee, Washington and later moved to Chelan, Washington.[1][2][3][4]

The company makes its own sails and wings, and supplies more wings to other North American trike manufacturers, such as Wettrike, than any other manufacturer.[3]


Summary of aircraft built by North Wing Design
Model name First flight Number built Type
North Wing Apache 72 (Feb 2005)[2] ultralight trike
North Wing ATF ultralight trike
North Wing Maverick 10 (Feb 2000)[5] ultralight trike
North Wing Scout XC ultralight trike
North Wing Solairus ultralight trike
North Wing Sport X2 ultralight trike
North Wing T2 Tandem hang glider
North Wing Liberty hang glider
North Wing Horizon ET hang glider
North Wing Freedom hang glider
North Wing EZY hang glider


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