Northwest Territories general election, 1999

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The Northwest Territories general election, 1999 took place on December 6, 1999, and was the 19th general election in the history of the Northwest Territories, Canada. This was the first election under the new boundaries that were created when Nunavut was carved out of the Northwest Territories. 19 members were elected, five fewer than in the previous election.

The main issues in this election were Native self-government and control over the territory's resources.

On polling day, Yellowknife was caught in an extreme blizzard that cut off road traffic and supplies.

This was also the last election in Canada in the 20th century.

The election was conducted under a non-partisan rules as the government operates under consensus, and Elections N.W.T. has not recognized parties since 1905. The Western Arctic New Democratic Party, a quasi-official offshoot of the New Democratic Party of Canada, fielded candidates and published signs and campaign material, as an attempt to revive a partisan legislature. They were shut out of the election.

Members of the Legislative Assembly elected[edit]

For complete electoral history, see individual districts

14th Northwest Territories Legislative Assembly
District Member
Deh Cho Michael McLeod
Frame Lake Charles Dent
Great Slave Bill Braden
Hay River North Paul Delorey
Hay River South Jane Groenewegen
Inuvik Boot Lake Floyd Roland
Inuvik Twin Lakes Roger Allen
Kam Lake Tony Whitford
Mackenzie Delta David Krutko
Nahendeh Jim Antoine
North Slave Leon Lafferty
Nunakput Vince Steen
Range Lake Sandy Lee
Sahtu Stephen Kakfwi
Thebacha Michael Miltenberger
Tu Nedhe Steven Nitah
Weledeh Joe Handley
Yellowknife Centre Jake Ootes
Yellowknife South Brendan Bell

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