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Église Notre-Dame-de-Bonne-Nouvelle, vue générale.jpg
Notre-Dame de Bonne-Nouvelle
Basic information
Location 25 Rue de la Lune, 2e
Geographic coordinates 48°52′10.5″N 2°20′59.5″E / 48.869583°N 2.349861°E / 48.869583; 2.349861Coordinates: 48°52′10.5″N 2°20′59.5″E / 48.869583°N 2.349861°E / 48.869583; 2.349861
Affiliation Roman Catholic Church
Rite Roman
State France
Province Archdiocese of Paris
Region Île-de-France
Status Active
Heritage designation 1983
Architectural description
Architectural type Church
Architectural style Neoclassical
Groundbreaking 1823 (1823)
Completed 1830 (1830)
Official name: Notre-Dame de Bonne-Nouvelle
Designated 1983
Reference no. PA00086016[1]
Denomination Église

Notre-Dame-de-Bonne-Nouvelle, located at 25 Rue de la Lune, in the 2nd arrondissement of Paris and is a Catholic parish church built between 1823 and 1830. It is dedicated to Notre-Dame de Bonne-Nouvelle ("our lady of good news"), referring to the Annunciation. The neighbourhood of Bonne-Nouvelle, the Boulevard de Bonne-Nouvelle (one of the Grand Boulevards that replaced the Louis XIII wall in 1709) and the Bonne Nouvelle metro station are named after it.

It was originally built in 1551 and was destroyed in 1591 by the Catholic League during the siege of Paris by the future Henry IV. Queen Anne of Austria laid the first stone of a new church in 1628. As a result of destruction during the French Revolution it became unsafe and was demolished in 1823, except the bell-tower which was integrated into the current building. The 17th-century church faced west (as possibly did the 16th century version) onto the Rue Notre-Dame de Bonne-Nouvelle. This was when the area east of the church, sloping down to the arch of Porte Saint-Denis, was a graveyard. The current church is neoclassical and was built by the architect Étienne-Hippolyte Godde between 1823 and 1830. Its entrance, facing north at 25, Rue de la Lune, has Tuscan columns before a bold, cool, barrel-vaulted interior.


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