Nová Role concentration camp

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Hard-to-read map
The plan of the camp, standing near the memorial in front of the train station in Nová Role

Nová Role concentration camp (Czech: Koncentrační tábor Nová Role, German: Konzentrazionlager Neurohlau) was a Nazi labor camp, mainly for women prisoners of several European nationalities including Czech, Soviet, Yugoslavian, Belgian, Polish, and German. It was located on the edge of the municipality Nová Role (in German Neurohlau or Neu-Rohlau) in the historical territory of Sudetenland (in the present-day Czech republic). The Germans founded the camp in the autumn of 1942 and closed it in April 1945. Its main purpose was providing workers for the nearby Bohemia porcelain factory. At least 41 prisoners died in the camp (unearthed from the mass grave in June 1945); about 500 died during the death march out in April 1945; an unknown number died after their deportation back to the mother camps (Ravensbrück and Flossenbürg); and some others were burnt in the camp in Karlovy Vary. After World War II, the camp served as a collecting camp for prisoners of war before their removal to Germany.


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  • Czech: ČERVENÝ Jaroslav a kol. – Nová Role a okolí dnes a dříve, 1. část zvláštní přílohy Novorolského zpravodaje, 1985 Nová Role and its neighborhood today and in the past.
  • Czech: FRNKA Ladislav – Stručná historie koncnetračního tábora v Nové Roli z let 1942–1945 a pochodu smrti z tohoto tábora z 20. dubna 1945. S.l., s.a. A short history of the Nová Role concentration camp between the years of 1942–1945, also including the death march from the camp on 20 April 1945: unpublished manuscript deposited with the municipality of Nová Role.
  • Czech: JIŘÍK Václav – Nedaleko od Norimberku: z dějin Mimořádného lidového soudu v Chebu v letech 1946 až 1948, Cheb 2000 Not far from Nürnberg: From the history of the Extraordinary People's Court in Cheb from 1946 to 1948.

Coordinates: 50°16′27″N 12°46′43″E / 50.27417°N 12.77861°E / 50.27417; 12.77861