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Noviomagus is a Latinized Celtic placename meaning "New Field" or "Market".

It may refer to:

  • Noviomagus Reginorum ("Noviomagus of the Regnenses"), the Romano-British settlement at Chichester, West Sussex, in England
  • Noviomagus Cantiacorum ("Noviomagus of the Kentish"), the Romano-British settlement probably located at Crayford near London, England
  • Noviomagus, a Roman site researched by John Dunkin near Dartford, England
  • Noviomagus Lexoviorum ("Noviomagus of the Lexovii"), the Gallo-Roman settlement at Lisieux, France
  • Noviomagus Veromanduorum ("Noviomagus of the Veromandui"), the Gallo-Roman settlement at Noyon, France
  • Noviomagus Tricastinorum ("Noviomagus of the Tricastini"), later known as "Augusta" and "Colonia Flavia Tricastinorum", the Gallo-Roman settlement at Saint-Paul-Trois-Châteaux, France
  • Ulpia Noviomagus Batavorum ("Ulpian Noviomagus of the Batavians"), the Belgo-Roman settlement at Nijmegen in the Netherlands
  • Noviomagus Nemetum ("Noviomagus of the Nemetes"), the Germano-Roman settlement at Speyer, Germany
  • Noviomagus Trevirorum ("Noviomagus of the Trevii"), the Germano-Roman settlement at Neumagen-Dhron near Trier, Germany
  • Daniel Santbech Noviomagus, a Dutch mathematician and astronomer (died circa 1561) has given his name to the Santbech crater on the Moon

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