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Novotny Mähner Assoziierte (N+M, Novotny Mähner & Associates) is an architect company based in Offenbach am Main. It was founded by Fritz Novotny and Arthur Mähner. Their design is puristic and clear.


In 2007, the Frankfurt-based N+M architects (formerly Novotny Mähner), specialists in high-rise buildings and the health sector, became an active member of the ATP Group. In 2009, the office of N+M architects was renamed in ATP N+M Architekten und Ingenieure GmbH. In 2014, the partnership with Frankfurt resulted in the creation of the health sector design company ATP health. In the same year, the office of ATP N+M Architekten und Ingenieure GmbH was renamed in ATP Frankfurt.

Many scyscrapers in Frankfurt were planned by the office as well as other structures worldwide.



  • Volksschule Großkrotzenburg (Kreis Offenbach), 1964
  • Gesamtschule Königstein/Taunus, 1972
  • Service Rechenzentrum der Dt. DATEL, Darmstadt, 1973
  • Erich-Ollenhauer-House, Bonn (Headquarters of the SPD 1975–99), 1975
  • German Embassy, Cairo 1978–79
  • Chinese Embassy, Berlin/GDR
  • Hyatt Regency, Cologne, 1985–1988
  • Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung, Bonn
  • Hospital in Merano, Italy „Franz Tappeiner“ (Ospedale di Merano), 1996
  • MDR Hörfunkzentrale (Halle), 1998
  • Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung, Berlin, 1999
  • Stilwerk (Berlin), 1999
  • Humboldt Park Munich
  • Lahnstraße 60–68, Frankfurt, 2001
  • Deutsche Bank (Berlin), 2005
  • Main Triangel, Frankfurt, 2006

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