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Public (KRX: 026330)
(until 2011)
Public (KRX: 067160)(present)
Industry Content Delivery Network, Video game industry, Media industry
Fate Divided into AfreecaTV Co., Ltd. and ZettaMedia
Founded 1994
Defunct 2011
Headquarters Gyeonggi-do, Republic of Korea
Key people
ex-CEO Yong-sik Moon[1]
Products Afreeca, TalesRunner, O2Jam, ClubBox, Nownuri
Number of employees

Nowcom (KRX: 026330) founded in 1994, was a Korean IT Company. Effective 2011, this corporate entity changed its name to AfreecaTV Co., Ltd (KRX: 067160) after the AfreecaTV Co.,Ltd-ZettaMedia split.

The first service of Nowcom in South Korea was Nownuri which is VT-based online BBS started in 1994 and currently they operate Afreeca, TalesRunner, O2Jam and ClubBox as well as Nownuri.

Nowcom was merged by Wins Technet, a listed IT company, at January 2008 and listed on KOSDAQ with its original name though and worked together for 3 years, but finally they have been separated again to two companies as they were. Nowcom is still listed on KOSDAQ.

On July 2011, Nowcom announced that its assets would be split into one publicly traded company and the other privately held company.[2] Another firm known as ZettaMedia was also established at that date and is a new spin-off company created during the split.



On July 2011, Nowcom announced that, after concerns from business differences between AfreecaTV and ClubBox, Nowcom's assets would be split into one publicly traded company, one oriented towards webcasting and online game development, and the other privately held company towards contents, media,and web storage. The split formally took place on July, 2011; where the present Nowcom was renamed AfreecaTV Co., Ltd. and consists primarily of Afreeca, TalesRunner, and O2Jam, while a new ZettaMedia was formed to take on Nownuri, PDBox, and ClubBox.[4]


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