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Nowlan is a surname. Notable people with the surname include:

  • Alden Nowlan (1933–1983), Canadian poet, novelist, and playwright
  • Cherie Nowlan (née Singleton), Australian film and television director, known for the 2007 film Clubland
  • George Nowlan, PC (1898–1965), Canadian member of Parliament and Cabinet Minister
  • James Nowlan (1862–1924), President of the Gaelic Athletic Association (GAA) from 1901 to 1921
  • James William Nowlan (1818–1900), political figure in New Brunswick, Canada
  • John Nowlan (1821–1895), Irish-born Australian politician
  • Kevin Nowlan (born 1958), American comic-book artist
  • Lawrence Nowlan (1965–2013), American sculptor and figurative artist
  • Max Nowlan (born 1939), former Australian rules footballer
  • Pat Nowlan (born 1931), Canadian parliamentarian and son of Diefenbaker-era Minister of Finance George Nowlan
  • Patrick Nowlan (1827–1896), merchant and political figure in Newfoundland
  • Philip Francis Nowlan (1888–1940), American science fiction author, best known as the creator of Buck Rogers

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