Nozomi (book)

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Nozomi b cover.jpg
Author Takeo Dec.[1]
Language Japanese[1]
Publication date
August 1, 2008[1]
Media type Photobook[1]
Pages 96 pp[1]

Nozomi, officially stylized as nozomi, is the first photobook by Japanese model Nozomi Sasaki,[2] released in late 2008 by Shueisha.[1]

It consists of photographs of Sasaki taken in Hawaii, Tokyo, and several other places. It also contains her swimsuit photos, without-makeup photos, and several interviews with her.[3]

In its release year of 2008, three commemorative events were held in Tokyo, Osaka, and Sasaki's home city, Akita.[4]

On July 24, 2009, Nozomi Sasaki's first DVD, also titled Nozomi, was released. This DVD documents the making of the photobook.[5]