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NS as an abbreviation can mean:


  • Negeri Sembilan, one of the fourteen states in Malaysia
  • Novi Sad, a city in Serbia (license plate code)
  • Nova Scotia, as the official Canadian postal abbreviation for the province

Government and politics[edit]

  • Nasjonal Samling, a 1930s Norwegian national socialist political party
  • National service, a name for the conscription system of some militaries
  • Nazism, also known as "National Socialism" in Germany, the ideology held by, amongst many other political parties, the National Socialist German Workers Party
  • New Serbia (Нова Србија or Nova Srbija), a moderate nationalist political party in Serbia
  • New Slovenia (also known as Nova Slovenija - Krscanski Ljudska Stranka), a right-of-centre political party in Slovenia
  • People's Party (Narodna Stranka), a political party in the Republic of Montenegro


Computing and computer gaming[edit]


  • New Spring (known to fans as "NS"), a 1999 anthology edited by Robert Silverberg and derivative 2004 novella by Robert Jordan
  • NS-series robots from the book I, Robot

Science and history[edit]

  • New Style (as "N.S."), indicating either a date in the Julian Calendar with the start of year adjusted to 1 January or a date in the Gregorian calendar
  • Nanosecond (abbreviated "ns"), a measure of time
  • Normal saline, a solution of sodium chloride used in intravenous drips
  • Nanostructure
  • Neutron star, a star formed from the collapsed remnant of a massive star
  • No significant difference, when differences between categories are smaller than the amount of error/noise in the data
  • Nervous system, the system of neurons that coordinates the actions of an organism

Other areas[edit]

  • a ship prefix for civilian ship names meaning "Nuclear Ship"