Ntshingwayo Dam

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Ntshingwayo Dam
Official nameNtshingwayo Dam
CountrySouth Africa
Coordinates28°00′S 29°55′E / 28.000°S 29.917°E / -28.000; 29.917Coordinates: 28°00′S 29°55′E / 28.000°S 29.917°E / -28.000; 29.917
Opening date1961
Owner(s)Department of Water Affairs
Dam and spillways
Type of damArch-gravity dam
ImpoundsIngagane River
Height23 m
Length1 677 m
CreatesNtshingwayo Dam Reservoir
Total capacity211 258 000 m3
Catchment area834 km2
Surface area3 610.1 ha

Ntshingwayo Dam (previously known as Chelmsford Dam) is a combined gravity and arch type dam located on the Ingagane River in South Africa. It was established in 1961 and serves mainly for municipal and industrial use. The hazard potential of the dam has been ranked high (3).

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