Nuansa Pagi

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Nuansa Pagi
Created by Teguh Juwarno
Starring Aiman Witjaksono
Country of origin Indonesia
Original language(s) Indonesian
Location(s) Jakarta
Camera setup Multiple
Running time 2 hours
Original network RCTI 1993-2009
SCTV 1993-1996
Picture format 576i (SDTV)
Audio format Stereo
Original release 23 January 1991 – 9 February 2009
Preceded by Buletin Pagi
Followed by Seputar Indonesia Pagi
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Nuansa Pagi (lit. Morning Nuance) is the first morning newscast ever produced by a private television station in Indonesia. Nuansa Pagi was introduced by RCTI at 17 January 1993 as Buletin Pagi ('Morning Buletin') before it evolved to go nationwide on 24 August 1993 as Nuansa Pagi ('Morning Nuance') and since then has become one of the strongest morning shows in the country, according to Nielsen Media Research, Nuansa Pagi was also carried by RCTI's then sister station SCTV (1993-1996).

On 9 February 2009, Seputar Indonesia was revived and is the only news program on RCTI, now called Satu Seputar Indonesia. The morning news program, Nuansa Pagi was renamed Seputar Indonesia Pagi. The afternoon news program, Buletin Siang renamed Seputar Indonesia Siang. The late night news program, Buletin Malam was renamed Seputar Indonesia Malam. The main evening edition retained the Seputar Indonesia name due to the historical context.


On 24 August 1993, The Nuansa Pagi logo used is a bottom circle with Colour and Alphabetical Words, the word NUANSA PAGI is used in the bottom circle with colours and squarebox bottom was used until from 31 July 1998.

On 1 August 1998, The Nuansa Pagi logo Same as 1993 logo, The logo Now Used 3D Graphics Until 31 October 2001

On 1 November 2001, The Nuansa Pagi used the logo with a square box and a blue Earth Ball, with the letter N and the RCTI Logo at the bottom was used until from 31 July 2002.

On 1 August 2002, The Nuansa Pagi used the logo with a square box and a blue Earth Ball, with the letter N behind the blue Earth ball at the bottom, used until from 7 August 2003.

On 8 August 2003, the logo used was a blue square box bottom and words nuansa pagi and red ball bottom near the letter 'I' was used until 24 August 2006.

On 24 August 2006, the logo was changed to Seputar Indonesia logos from 24 August 2006 until 8 February 2009.


  • Main News
  • Regional
  • Crime
  • Special
  • Sportivo
  • Crime News
  • Only on Indonesia
  • Chosen picture

Former segments[edit]

  • Laporan Pilihan
  • Indonesia Hari Ini
  • Bisnis & Ekonomi
  • Mancanegara
  • Olahraga
  • Sosial-Budaya
  • Daily Magazine & Newspaper Headline
    • Harian KOMPAS
    • Harian Suara Pembaruan
    • Harian Surya
    • Harian Kapital
    • Harian Jawa Pos
    • Harian Suara Merdeka
    • Majalah Gatra
    • Majalah Tempo
    • Majalah Sportif
    • Tabloid BOLA
    • Tabloid GO
  • Weather Forecast


  • Aiman Witjaksono (Main Anchor)
  • Iwan Malik (Main Anchor)
  • Isyana Bagoes Oka (Main Anchor)
  • Zaldy Noer (Sport and Criminal)
  • Joice Triatman (Weekend Edition)
  • Michael Tjandra (Weekend Edition)
  • Cheryl Tanzil (Former Weekend Edition)