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NIS (Nuclear Information Service) is a not-for-profit, independent information service based in the UK, which works to promote public awareness and foster debate on nuclear disarmament and related safety and environmental issues. [1]

NIS conducts original research, providing information on the public interest issues surrounding nuclear weapons. This results in reports, articles, press releases, legal action and consultation services to other organizations, parliament and government agencies.

NIS has a unique role in the UK nuclear disarmament field. Over the years it has focused in from general peace and disarmament work to concentrate on serving the disarmament community, media and decision-makers with research on the maintenance and transport of nuclear weapons. This work has included research on the Atomic Weapons Establishment at Aldermaston and Burghfield and includes work on warhead modification, new warhead development, decommisioning, nuclear convoys, outsourcing/privatisation, costs and delays, safety and accidents.

NIS circulates information through its website http:/, newsletters and blogs and links individuals working on similar issues. Its archives go back to 1991 and NIS is the successor to NIP (Nuclear Information Project). It became an incorporated company limited by guarantee in 2000 and is funded by charitable foundations and public donations.

Patrons: Jonathon Porritt, Nick Ritchie

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