Nuevo Estadio Azul

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Estadio Azul
Nuevo Estadio Azul
Location Mexico DF, Mexico
Owner Cruz Azul[according to whom?]
Operator Cruz Azul[according to whom?]
Capacity 57800[according to whom?]
Surface Grass
Opened Scheduled to open in 2018[according to whom?]
Cruz Azul (from 2018)[according to whom?]

The Nuevo Estadio Azul is a planned stadium in Mexico City, intended to replace the Estadio Azul, the home of football club Cruz Azul, in 2018.[according to whom?]


The building that would replace the present Blue Stage exists on paper, though it has yet to be started. It will have four levels of underground parking, (first to be constructed), and two levels for commercial enterprises, besides a ceiling that would cover the divided launching slips high and general generally low.[according to whom?]

There are to be three levels of theater boxes.[according to whom?] This first draft constitutes the idea of the new home of Cruz Azul, that not only would lodge to La Maquina in its encounter like the premises, but also would be available for concerts and spectacles of all type. Recently, the president of Cruz Azul, Guillermo Alvarez Cuevas, said that the project may yet begin in 2012, once problems, like delegation permissions and negotiations with zone neighbors,are solved. One solution would be for the Cosío family, which owns the present building, to turn over ownership to Cruz Azul, while the former would use the levels destined for commercial enterprises.[according to whom?]

However, before work begins, several very specific issues need to be resolved. First, the pertinent permissions of the Delegation Benito Juárez and the Secretary of Urban Development and House of Mexico City must be obtained, as they will soon have sign an agreement with the Cosío company. In addition, this project needs to be elaborated upon, as it has a projected cost of $2 million. Furthermore, Cruz Azul must elaborate on what role they will play during construction and whether they will being in the closing of 2013 or until the end of Opening 2014. All this must be approved by President Guillermo Alvarez Cuevas and the General Assembly of the Cruz Azul Cooperative.[according to whom?]

The new stage of the club will continue to be called Azul, but a space will be added to the name board to accommodate the name of an additional sponsor of the building. To initiate or it construction of the new celestial house does not depend on several factors, among them to conclude the studies that guarantee to the project like autofinanciable, and that Alvarez, the Cruz Azul president, gives the approval. So that the Cooperative owner of the equipment does not contribute money will be necessary that the construction is possible from the income by televising concessions, of foods and drinks, as well as by the sale of the name of the stage, explained the vice-president of the celestial equipment, Victor Garcés. “We know to how much we can aspire by concessions of television, by food concessions, those of drinks, all that. The name of the stage would be obviously Azul, but moored to another mark”, it assured the manager.[according to whom?]

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