Nuts in May (film)

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Nuts in May
Directed by Robin Williamson
Produced by Isadore Bernstein
Starring Stan Laurel
Cinematography Harry M. Fowler
Release date
  • 1917 (1917)
Running time
30 minutes
Country United States
Language Silent film
English intertitles

Nuts in May (1917) is a silent comedy short, directed by Robin Williamson, produced by Isadore Bernstein, and featuring Stan Laurel, billed as Stan Jefferson, in his onscreen debut.[1]

The short was filmed at Bernstein Studios, in Hollywood, California. Very little of the film survives (a little over 60 seconds).[2]


Stan plays a resident of "Home for the Weak-Minded", apparently a lunatic asylum. Stan's particular delusion is that he thinks he's Napoleon. Stan walks the grounds of the cuckoo-hatch sticking his right hand into his shirt and wearing a Napoleon hat. He thinks he's Napoleon, but he gives the salute of the British army.

Stan has his own personal keeper in the asylum: a taller moustached man who wears a kepi so that Stan will think he's a French officer.

Stan gets out and finds some local boys, who eagerly join him in playing soldier. Stan's kepi-wearing keeper pursues him through the film. Stan hijacks a steamroller, and Stan nearly runs down some workers in a road crew.

The surviving footage consists of Stan in various scrapes with a steamroller, ending with him in a straw boater being dragged off to the asylum.

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