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OKTA was founded in 1982 and is a refinery in the Balkan area. OKTA is part of one of the biggest groups for the refining, distribution, and trade of crude oil, oil derivatives and petrochemicals – the Hellenic Petroleum group. Apart from its main activities, OKTA has developed its own retail network, which consists of 26 rebranded petrol stations.


A pipeline linking the port of Thessaloniki with the OKTA oil refinery outside Skopje began full operations in September.[when?] The pipeline, which took three years to build, will provide the Republic of Macedonia with a source of oil and, in the longer term, there are plans to export refined oil products to neighboring areas.


Oil derivatives produced at OKTA include:


OKTA is the only company in the Republic of Macedonia which has complete physical, chemical and biological waste water treatment.

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