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Studio album by Janno Gibbs
Released March, 2009
Recorded 2009
Genre R&B, Soul
Language English, Tagalog
Label GMA Records
Producer Felipe S. Yalung (EVP and COO)
Buddy Medina (Executive Producer)
Kedy Sanchez (Producer)
Janno Gibbs (Co-producer)
Rene A. Salta (Managing Director)
Janno Gibbs chronology
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(2007)Little Boy2007
The Janno Gibbs' Anthology (2011)String Module Error: Match not foundString Module Error: Match not found
Singles from Orig
  1. "Igiling"
    Released: 2009
  2. "Asero"
    Released: 2009
  3. "Gagambino"
    Released: 2010
  4. "I Haven't Stopped Loving You"
    Released: 2010

Orig (stylize as ORIG and short for "Original") is the ninth album of singer/songwriter/actor/host Janno Gibbs. This 11-track, all-original album was produced and released by GMA Records in March, 2009. The album is available on CD and on a limited edition secure digital album format, actually a mini-SD with 2GB capacity.[1][2][3]

Track listing[edit]

No. Title Writer(s) Length
1. "I Haven't Stopped Loving You" Janno Gibbs 4:34
2. "Don't Know Why" Janno Gibbs 4:01
3. "Ready to Fall" Janno Gibbs 4:23
4. "Igiling" Janno Gibbs 3:53
5. "Ang Aking Puso (with Kyla)" Janno Gibbs 4:05
6. "Huling Babae" Janno Gibbs 4:37
7. "Asero (theme from Codename: Asero)" Janno Gibbs 2:53
8. "Obvious Ba" Janno Gibbs 3:38
9. "Para-Paraan" Janno Gibbs 5:00
10. "Payong Kaibigan" Janno Gibbs 5:31
11. "Gagambino (theme from Gagambino)" Janno Gibbs 3:40


  • Producers: Kedy Sanchez & Janno Gibbs
  • Executive producer: Buddy C. Medina
  • Marketing: Rene A. Salta
  • A&R supervision: Kedy Sanchez
  • Production coordination: Louella Tiongson

Recorded and mixed at

  • GMA Network Recording Studios
    • Sound engineer: Oyet San Diego
    • Additional engineering: Edwin Dimaano, Archie Gaba
  • Asiatec Pink Noise Recording Studios
    • Sound engineer: Dominic Benedicto
    • Additional engineering: Nikki Cunanan, Ramil Bahandi
  • Draginlair Studios
    • Sound engineers: Voltaire Orpiano, Raul Mitra