O Pobre Rabequista

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The Poor Rabeca Player
O Pobre Rabequista
Cego Rabequista GPEG.jpg
Artist José Rodrigues
Year 1855 (1855)
Dimensions 170 cm × 122 cm (67 in × 48 in)

O Pobre Rabequista (The Poor Rabeca Player) is an oil painting, 1855 (oil on canvas 170 X 122 cm), by José Rodrigues.


  • 1855 - Universal Exhibition in Paris
  • 1865 - International Exposition of Porto, where he was awarded with the second medal.

It was originally purchased by Prince Consorte D. Fernando de Saxe-Coburg (Ferdinand II) and currently is in the collection of the Chiado Museum.

  • In one of the editions of the Official "Litteratura Illustrada" published in Coimbra in 1860, Manuel Maria Bordalo Pinheiro, father of Rafael Bordalo Pinheiro wrote the following on this table:
The framework of "Blind Rabequista" is a genuine artistic labors, decent put up along with some pictures of Velasquez....
  • The table is signed and dated and is ranked in the Chiado Museum with paragraph 515
  • In the "Journal of Beaux-Arts", paragraph 3 Lisbon 1857, Rodrigo Paganino wrote several pages about the "philosophy" of this work.

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