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Oakland Normal Institute (sometimes called Oakland College) was a private school in Yale, Itawamba County, Mississippi.

It provided a classical education in art and Latin, as well as education and business courses.[1] The school was established in 1887, and remained open until 1904, when it became a county school. The original two-story building was torn down in the 1930s, and a one-story building was erected using much of the older building. The Oakland School, serving grades 1 through 8, was closed in 1954. In the 1950s a historic marker was erected at the school site, by former alumni of the Oakland Normal Institute. The Oakland School building was renovated in 2004 and is now a Mississippi Historical Landmark.[2]

Notable alumni include T. Jeff Busby, a U.S. Representative from Mississippi,[3] and John Breckinridge, a U.S. Attorney General.[citation needed]


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