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An obedience school is an institution that trains pets (particularly dogs) how to behave properly. When puppies are young and in the first stages of training, they are often taken by their owners to obedience schools. Training usually takes place in small groups. In addition to training pets themselves, obedience schools also teach pet owners how to train, praise, and scold their pets themselves. Schools can teach at a various set of levels, ranging from the very basics for puppies to more advanced for competition level dogs. Most training in schools however, focuses on making dogs listen through basic commands such as sit, stay, lie down, etc.[citation needed] Prices for schools range between $1,000 and $2,500.[1]

Other Forms of Dog Training[edit]

Obedience schools are dedicated specifically to obedience training. There are other institutions, like major pet stores Petco and Petsmart that offer specific classes dedicated to obedience training. Dog daycares and animal shelters also provide dog training classes for less money than obedience schools.[citation needed] Places may offer classes that vary in different skill level. The American Kennel Club offers a couple different training options for their members. These training options include puppy class, basic class, Canine Good Citizen program, and other training classes for companion events.[2]

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