Obiymy Doshchu

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Obiymy Doshchu
Обійми Дощу
Obiymy doschu-2006.jpg
Obiymy Doshchu (in 2006 lineup)
Background information
Origin Kyiv, Ukraine
Genres Rock, progressive rock, symphonic rock
Years active 2004–present
Labels Nash Format (Ukraine)
Members Volodymyr Agafonkin
Oleksiy Katruk
Mykola Kryvonos
Serhiy Dumler
Maria Kurbatova
Olena Nesterovska
Past members Andriy Demyanenko

Obiymy Doshchu (Ukrainian: Обійми Дощу, translation: Rain's Embrace) is a Ukrainian rock band that describes its music genre as a lyrical, autumnal rock music with progressive rock, neoclassic and doom metal influences.

They have released their debut album Elehia in Autumn 2009 which reviewers called “an outstanding result in the genre” but also “monotonous, with intentionally limited emotional palette”,[1]expressing the same mood in every track” but “nevertheless one of the most impressive and inspired releases in a long time”,[2]a new approach to creative work in many ways[3] and “a phenomenon worth attention of all fans of twilight lyricism”.[4]



(band formation, first recordings)

Obiymy Doshchu was started as a one-man project in 2004 as a result of Volodymyr's interest in writing music, singing and playing an acoustic guitar. His friend Oleksiy became involved in the project and helped Volodymyr record his first demo, and the demo in turn inspired his university mate Mykola to make a video for one of the songs (Mertve Derevo I Viter).[5]

In spring 2006 Volodymyr forms the band with Oleksiy on the keyboards and Mykola on the bass guitar. In this lineup the band makes its first live performance in Kiev.

In Autumn, Oleksiy replaces keyboards with electric guitar and Andriy Demyanenko joins the band as a keyboards player. The band continues to create new songs and occasionally perform live. During this time, Oleksiy finishes the second video of the band (for the song Zorenko Moya).[6] At the end of the year, Obiymy Doshchu record their second demo with 6 songs.


(line-up complete, live activities)

In 2007, the band finally finds a drummer - Serhiy Dumler. The same year Maria joins the band as a keyboards player to replace Andriy Demyanenko.

Having a complete line-up, the bands starts to actively perform live in 2008, plays at many festivals and other places among Ukraine. It also makes its third recording in the studio, Pid Khmaramy, to prepare itself for the upcoming recording of an ambitions debut album.


(debut album, first solo concert, present)

Obiymy Doshchu have finally released their debut album Elehia on August 29, 2009 as a free download on their website.[7] The album contains 8 songs and represents a certain summary of the band's activities since its formation. It is a conceptual album with a single story. It also has rich string arrangements and contains many contributions from guest musicians.

The band played its first big solo concert in Kyiv on October 22, 2009. This day can also be considered as the official day of violist Olena Nesterovska joining the band as a permanent member.

On December 10, the band released a new 2-song single Svitanok and a video for one of the songs directed by Mykola Kryvonos.[8]

Currently the band is writing the material for its second album expected to come in Spring 2012 and performing live around Ukraine.


Current members[edit]

Guest members[edit]

Guest members occasionally perform live with the band and take part in studio recordings.

Former members[edit]

  • Andriy Demyanenko — keyboards (2006—2007)


Studio albums[edit]

  1. 2009 — Elehia (Елегія)


  1. 2010 — Svitanok (Світанок)


  1. 2005 — Mertve Derevo I Viter (director: Mykola Kryvonos)
  2. 2006 — Zorenko Moya (director: Oleksiy Katruk)
  3. 2010 — Svitanok (director: Mykola Kryvonos)


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