Ocean Under the Ice

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Ocean Under the Ice is a science fiction novel by Robert L. Forward,[1] collaborating with his wife, Martha Dodson Forward.[2] It is part of the Rocheworld series, about an expedition to explore planets found in orbit around Barnard's Star. It was written after Marooned on Eden, but is before it in the continuity. This is the third book in the continuity. It follows the crew of humans and Flouwen as they explore Zulu, a moon of the gas planet Gargantua, and encounter 2 sentient species, the icerugs and the coelasharks.

Ocean Under the Ice
Cover of the first edition
Author Robert L. Forward and Martha Dodson Forward
Cover artist David Mattingly
Country United States
Language English
Series Rocheworld series
Published 1994
Publisher Baen Books
Preceded by Return to Rocheworld
Followed by Marooned on Eden


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