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Ocurrió Así (Spanish: This is How it Occurred) is Spanish-language network Telemundo's first original investigative news magazine that launched on October 8, 1990.[1]

Show's Awards[edit]

Ocurrió Así has received six Emmy awards for Best Documentary Program, Best Feature Segment, Best Series Reporting, Best Investigative Reporting, Best Graphic Package, and Best Reporting.[2] This Emmy award winning news magazine was launched by Executive Producer Fran Mires and hosted by Enrique Gratas.


One of the more infamous moments in Ocurrió Así was the 1993 murder of Maritza Martin, which was caught on camera. Originally, the segment was to be an interview in a graveyard where Emilio Nuñez was visiting his deceased daughter. He blamed her suicide on Martin following an intense dispute on Thanksgiving of 1992. Upon facing Maritza, Emilio headed back to his car, and suddenly reappeared to fire 12 shots that killed Martin. The murder would later be used in the 2002 documentary Bowling for Columbine.


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