Ode to HIT

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"Ode to HIT
Published7 June 2008[1][2]
GenreAlma mater
Composer(s)Liu Xijin
Lyricist(s)Liu Zhongde

"Ode to HIT" (Chinese: 哈工大之歌; pinyin: Hāgōngdà zhī gē; literally: '(The) Song of HIT') is the alma mater of Harbin Institute of Technology. Liu Zhongde (Class of 1957) was the lyricist and Liu Xijin was the composer.[3] The new official version was released in 2017, and was sung by the famous Chinese soloist Yan Weiwen and The Choir of HIT.[4] The song is sung on significant occasions, including enrollment, ceremonies and graduation.[5]


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