Odon de Châtillon

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Odon de Châtillon (died ca. 1102) was a French cardinal. He was probably a nephew of Pope Urban II (1088–99).

He entered the Order of Benedictines in the monastery of Cluny. His uncle Urban II elevated him to the cardinalate and named him Cardinal-Bishop of Ostia ca. 1095. He participated in the papal election, 1099 and was a principal consecrator of Pope Paschalis II. He attended the council of Melfi in October 1100.

Date of his death is not recorded. He subscribed the papal bull for the last time on 21 March 1102. His successor in the see of Ostia (Leo of Ostia) appears for the first time on 7 September 1109 but is believed to have been created before 1107.



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