Austrian Alpine Club

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Austrian Alpine Club
Sport Mountaineering
Category Amateur athletic association
Founded November 19, 1862 (1862-11-19)
Regional affiliation 195 sections
Headquarters Innsbruck
President Andreas Ermacora
Official website

The Austrian Alpine Club - or more accurately the Austrian Alpine Association - (German: Österreichischer Alpenverein) has about 500,000 members (as of 2014) in 196 sections and is the largest mountaineering organisation in Austria. It is responsible for the upkeep of over 234 alpine huts in Austria and neighbouring countries. It also maintains over 26,000 kilometres of footpaths, and produces detailed maps of key mountain areas within Austria. Much of this work is done by the association's 22,000 volunteers.1

The association also has sections in Belgium and the United Kingdom, and a group in Poland.

In 1871 Guido von List became the association's secretary.

The association has a museum in Innsbruck dedicated to the history of alpinism.

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