Of Cabbages and Kings

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Of Cabbages and Kings
Origin Chicago, Illinois, USA
Genres Punk rock
Noise rock
Years active 1985–1992
Labels Purge/Sound, Triple X Records
Past members Rich Hutchins
Algis Kizys
Carolyn Master
Ted Parsons
Vincent Signorelli
Diane Wlezien

Of Cabbages and Kings is an American noise rock band from Chicago, Illinois. Its name is a quote from Lewis Carroll's Through the Looking-Glass. The band's sound has been described as a "highly visceral attack" that is "founded on a vivid technical mastery owing little to the commonly revered tenets of speed and/or flash, instead conjuring a brutal, primal power and intensity virtually unmatched in modern music."[1]

Band history[edit]

Formed from the ashes of the Bag People in 1985, the band's original lineup consisted of Algis Kizys (bass, vocals), Carolyn Master (guitar, keyboards, vocals) and Ted Parsons (drums, vocals). However, Kizys and Master were the core of the band, remaining the only consistent members throughout its existence. All three of their albums featured Diane Wlezien, who sang lead vocals on about half the songs with Kizys handling lead vocals on the remainder.[2]

In 1988, Ted left to focus on his work with the band Prong and was replaced by Rich Hutchins (Live Skull, Ruin..., Lubricated Goat, etc). Basic Pain Basic Pleasure was released in 1990 and is usually considered the highpoint of the band's discography, showcasing refined production and arrangements with increased musical variety.[1] Swans drummer Vincent Signorelli joined the band to record their final album titled Hunter's Moon, which also featured guest appearances by Motherhead Bug vocalist David Ouimet, former drummer Ted Parsons and composer J. G. Thirlwell.[3] Due to obligations with other bands, Of Cabbages and Kings rarely had time to tour and disbanded in the early nineties.


Studio albums[edit]

Date Title Label
1988 Face Purge/Sound League
1990 Basic Pain Basic Pleasure Triple X Records
1992 Hunter's Moon Triple X Records


Date Title Label
1987 Of Cabbages and Kings Purge/Sound League


Date Title Label
1990 "The Reign"/"Blindness" Triple X Records

Compilation appearances[edit]

Date Title Track Label
1992 Mesomorph Enduros "The Reign" Big Cat Records


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