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Off With Their Heads
Off with Their Heads.jpg
Chicago 2013
Background information
OriginMinneapolis, Minnesota, United States
GenresPunk rock, melodic hardcore
Years active2002-present
LabelsEpitaph Records
No Idea Records
Chunksaah Records
Recess Records
Associated actsBanner Pilot
The Gateway District
Dillinger Four
Apocalypse Meow
Dear Landlord
House Boat
The Fake Boys
Vacation Bible School
WebsiteOfficial Website
MembersRyan Young: Guitar/ Vocals
Robbie Swartwood: Bass
Kyle Manning: Drums
John Polydoros: Guitar
Past membersErik Siljander
Paddy Costello
Alex Ulloa
Nate Gangelhoff
Zack Gontard
Mike Rose
Dan Jensen
Josh Jordan
Dave Strait
Jim Domenici
Paul Anderson
Mark Borders
Ryan Fisher
Steve Port
Mario Bourzac
Mike Yannich
Justin Francis

Off with Their Heads is an American punk rock band formed in 2002 from Minneapolis, Minnesota, United States.[1] Since their formation, they have often featured a rotating line-up of tour players, due to their members' other commitments and Off With Their Heads' own full-time touring schedule. Singer/guitarist Ryan Young has noted that having different musicians helps keep the band fresh.[2]


According to the No Idea website, the band had planned to release The '69 Sound, a second singles collection of more recent split 7" material.[3] However, this has since been refuted by No Idea, who commented saying "This thing will never happen." [4]

On September 10, 2008, Off With Their Heads self-released a music video for "Fuck This, I'm Out" [5]

In late 2009, the band was chosen as one of Beyond Race Magazine's "50 Emerging Artists," resulting in a spot in the publication's No. 11 issue (with Bodega Girls and J. Cole on the cover), as well as an exclusive Q&A for the magazine's site.[6]

In February 2010, it was announced that Off With Their Heads signed to Epitaph Records, with a new record due for June 1 of that year.[7]

After Ryan Young suffered a nervous breakdown the band dropped off of a Canadian Tour with The Flatliners in late 2013.The band took extended time from touring and only played sporadic shows over the course of 2014, later returning to the road in 2015.

In 2016 Ryan Young and Polydoros embarked on an acoustic tour in support of their acoustic album "Won't Be Missed"


While the line-up has never been stable, in addition to Ryan Young, the band also always included Justin Francis for most of its history. Though Francis eventually stopped touring with OWTH, he continued to write and record songs as the band's drummer and had played on every Off With Their Heads album through 2013’s “Home.” Similarly, Zack Gontard (who joined in 2006) no longer toured with the band, he remained their guitarist (and backing vocalist) for the purpose of recording through 2013. 2019’s “Be Good” is the first album not to feature contributions from the pair. OWTH’s current guitarist (since 2013) is John Polydoros. Their current drummer (since 2018) is Kyle Manning. Nate Gangelhoff had been the band's studio bassist from the recording of "Hospitals" through to the recording of "In Desolation" but was replaced by touring bassist, Robbie Swartwood, when the band recorded 2013's "Home."

Anxious and Angry[edit]

In March 2014 Ryan Young launched a podcast and online retail store titled Anxious and Angry. The podcast usually consists of interviews with musicians, writers, comedians and others as well as answering fan submitted questions usually relating to mental health. The overall theme of the podcast is mental health though the interviews do often provide information, stories, and history about the guest. The Anxious and Angry online retail store carries music, apparel, art, and other items from Off With Their Heads, as well as several other artists. It also serves as the exclusive distributor of the Anxious and Angry "flexi singles". The site takes its name from a lyric from the Off With Their Heads song "Nightlife".[8]


Studio Albums[edit]

  • From the Bottom (2008)
  • In Desolation (2010)
  • Home (2013)
  • Won't Be Missed (2016)
  • Be Good (2019)[9]

EPs and Singles[edit]

  • Fine Tuning The Bender 7" (2003)
  • To Hell With This and All Of You 7" (2004)
  • Hospitals (2006)
  • High Fives for The Rapture 7" (2006)
  • Art Of The Underground Single Series 7" (2006)
  • Trying to Breathe 7" (2010)
  • I Will Follow You (shaped picture disc) (2010)

Flexi Singles[edit]

  • Harsh Realm (Laura Jane Grace cover) red Flexi-Disc single (2014)
  • Communist Daughter (Neutral Milk Hotel cover) blue Flexi-Disc single (2014)
  • On The Attack (Langhorne Slim and the Law cover) white Flexi-Disc single (2015)
  • Sorrow (Bad Religion cover) black Flexi-Disc single (2015)
  • Broken Songs (Jim Ward cover) green Flexi-Disc single (2016)
  • Theme Song (Acoustic) green Flexi-Disc single (2016)
  • Wonder Beer (Naked Raygun Cover Featuring Deadaires) (2017)
  • Straight to Hell (Hank III cover) yellow Flexi-Disc single (2018)
  • Why Do We (Samiam cover) picture blue Flexi-disc single (2018)
  • Stay With Me (The Dictators cover) Picture black Flexi-disc single (2019)

Live Albums[edit]

  • Insubordination Fest 2008 CD/DVD (2008)
  • Live At The Atlantic Series: Vol. Two 7" (2009)
  • Jump Start Records Live: Volume 4 (Digital Download) (2011)
  • Live From The Rock Room (Vinyl Exclusive) (2018)


  • J Church Split 7" (“Grin and Bear It”) (2006)
  • Blotto Split 7" (2007)
  • Practice Split 7" (2007)
  • Four Letter Word Split 7" (“One For the Road”) (2007)
  • Dear Landlord Split 7" (2007)
  • Dukes Of Hillsborough Split 7" (2007)
  • The Measure [SA] Split 7" (2007)
  • Tiltwheel Split 7" (2007)
  • Small Pool Records 4 Way Split Series Vol. 1 12" (2007)
  • Under The Influence Lemuria split 7" (2009)
  • Detournement Split 7" (2010)
  • No Friends Split 6" (2010)
  • Riverboat Gamblers and Dead to Me Split 7" (2011)
  • Discharge Split 7" (2012)
  • Morning Glory Split 7" (2013)
  • Crusades Split Flexi-Disc (2017)

Compilation Albums[edit]

  • All Things Move Toward Their End (Compilation of split 7" tracks and compilation appearances.)

Compilation Appearances[edit]

  • “S.O.S.” Twin Cities Hardcore: Bring It Together (2006)
  • “Goddamn Job” We'll Inherit The Earth...A Tribute To The Replacements (2006)
  • “Please Don't Call The Cops On Me” and “Big Mouth” Art Of The Underground Single Series Volume:2 (2006)
  • ”I May Be A Lot Of Shitty Things, But At Least I’m Not A Rapist Like You” ,”My Everyday Life”, and “Die Young” The 4-Way Split Series Chapter One (2007)
  • “Idiot” My Life In A Jugular Vein (2007)
  • “I Am You” No Idea Presents: Fest 7 (2008)
  • “Headlights...Ditch!” Let Them Know (2009)
  • ”I Am You” Skate Rock Vol. 1 (2009)
  • “Go On Git Now” Husk! Husk! Twin Cities Scene Comp (2009)
  • “Hard To Admit” (Recorded Live At The Atlantic No Idea Presents: Fest 8 (2009)
  • “”I Am You” Punk Rock Pot Luck Vol. #2 Punk Rock Review (2009)
  • “Scarred By Love” Four Score And Four Shitty Label Compilations Ago... (2009)
  • “NicFit ”My America: A Tribute To Quincy Punx To Benefit The West Memphis Three (2010)
  • “Next In Line” Untitled 21: A juvenile Tribute To Swingin' Utters (2010)
  • “Rikki Rae” Terminal Decay (2012)
  • “Nightlife" Rock Sound 100% Vol. #17 (2013)
  • “Nightlife” Groezrock '15 Sampler (2015)

Music videos[edit]

  • Fuck This, I'm Out (2008)
  • Keep Falling Down (2009)
  • Drive (2010)
  • Clear the Air (2011)
  • Nightlife (2013)
  • Seek Advice Elsewhere (2013)
  • Start Walking (2013)
  • Don't Make Me Go (2013)
  • Disappear (2019)


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