Offside (2006 Swedish film)

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Directed by Mårten Klingberg
Produced by Christer Nilson
Written by Mårten Klingberg
Oskar Söderlund
Starring Jonas Karlsson
Torkel Petersson
Göran Ragnerstam
Ingvar Hirdwall
Brendan Coyle
Tina Nordlund
Distributed by Sandrews
Release date
August 18, 2006 (Sweden)
Running time
99 minutes
Language Swedish

Offside is a Swedish film from 2006, directed by Mårten Klingberg and starring Jonas Karlsson, Torkel Petersson, Ingvar Hirdwall, Göran Ragnerstam and Brendan Coyle.


The film is about a Swedish football team, Stenfors BK, who used to play in Allsvenskan once upon a time, but now plays in one of the lowest divisions. The humiliation is complete. But no more! If Stenfors BK won't start winning and climb up some divisions, the team will be disbanded.

So now, the struggle to survive starts. But it's tough, especially because Anders, the team captain, has trouble at home with his wife Åsa.

But one night, Anders' friend and team mate, Kent, calls from England and says he has found their saviour. The man that Kent has found is the legendary, former Liverpool player Duncan Miller.

But when "Killer Miller" arrives at Stenfors, the team founds out that he is a little more former player than what they had expected...



  • Duncan Miller is a fictional character and has never played for Liverpool F.C. or any other football club.
  • Tina Nordlund appears in the film as a football player. She was a football player in real life too. She has played many times for the Swedish national team and for Umeå IK. She retired in 2002, because of anorexia nervosa.[1]


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