Ogof Dydd Byraf

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Ogof Dydd Byraf
Cavers climbing the side of Minera quarry to reach the entrance
Map showing the location of Ogof Dydd Byraf
Map showing the location of Ogof Dydd Byraf
Location Wrexham County Borough, Wales
OS grid SJ 2546 5201
Coordinates 53°03′37″N 3°06′49″W / 53.060163°N 3.113618°W / 53.060163; -3.113618Coordinates: 53°03′37″N 3°06′49″W / 53.060163°N 3.113618°W / 53.060163; -3.113618
Length 750 metres (2,460 ft)
Elevation 340 metres (1,120 ft)
Discovery 1964
Geology Limestone
Access contact North Wales Caving Club
Translation cave of the shortest day
Registry Cambrian Cave Registry[1]

Ogof Dydd Byraf is a cave which extends under Esclusham Mountain in north-east Wales from its entrance in the south face of the Minera Limeworks quarry. It was originally discovered and explored in 1964 by the Wrexham Caving Club, before they were merged into the North Wales Caving Club.[2]

After a short series of mined passages there is a narrow 10 metre pitch into the main levels consisting of a series of well-decorated galleries. Some of the passages come very close to the cave Ogof Llyn Du whose access is blocked by a deep and difficult sump.

Over the years this cave had been under threat by the quarry operations,[3] but it is now protected as an SSSI.[4]


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