Ogre (river)

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Ogres upe pie Ogres 1999-10-14.jpg
Ogre river near Ogre town.
Country Latvia
Basin features
Main source Sivēniņš lake in Liezēre parish
222 m (728 ft)
River mouth Daugava at Ogre
River system Daugava
Basin size 1,730 km2 (670 sq mi)
Physical characteristics
Length 188 km (117 mi)

The Ogre is a river in Latvia that is 188 kilometers long. It is a tributary of Daugava River. In 13th century river was called Wogen or Woga.

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Coordinates: 56°48′39″N 24°36′06″E / 56.8108°N 24.6017°E / 56.8108; 24.6017