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The Ohio Court of Claims is a court of limited, statewide jurisdiction. The court's jurisdiction extends to matters in which:

  1. the State of Ohio is a party, and
  2. the state has waived its sovereign immunity by statute.

The court also hears appeals from decisions made by the Ohio Attorney General on claims allowed under the Victims of Crime Act.

The judges of the Court of Claims sit by assignment by the chief justice of the Ohio Supreme Court. Currently, the three assigned judges and magistrates are:

  • Judge Dale A. Crawford
  • Judge John P. Bessey
  • Judge Patrick M. McGrath
  • Magistrate John F. McManus

Appeals from the Court of Claims are heard by the Tenth District Court of Appeals in Columbus. The exception is that in civil cases for $10,000 or less and crime victim appeals, the decision of the court is final.[1]

The court is located in the Thomas J. Moyer Ohio Judicial Center in Columbus.


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