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Oketz unit insignia
Active1939 - 1954
1975 - present
CountryState of Israel
AllegianceIsrael Defense Forces
RoleCanine Unit, Search and Rescue, Bomb Detection
A soldier of Oketz and her dog
A canine handler from the IDF Oketz Canine Unit and his dog in the ruins of the Haiti UN headquarters, trying to locate survivors under the rubble. January 16, 2010.

The Oketz Unit (Hebrew: יחידת עוקץ, lit. sting), is the independent canine special forces (sayeret) unit of the Israel Defense Forces. It was founded in 1939 as part of Haganah, and later dismantled in 1954. In 1974, a new unit was established by Yossi Labock, who was its first commander. The unit specializes in training and handling dogs for military applications. Originally, Oketz trained dogs to attack kidnappers, but training has since become more specialized, and now each dog is trained in a particular specialty. Attack dogs are trained to operate in both urban and rural areas (they were used extensively in Lebanon). Some dogs are trained to track and pursue selected targets for manhunts and to detect breaches at the Israeli border. Others are trained to search for guns and munitions, to sniff out hidden explosives, and to find people in collapsed buildings.

Oketz operators are often assigned to other units when said units are in need of their specialist skills, for instance, the extraction of terrorists from fortified buildings. Though not affiliated with the IDF Paratroopers Brigade, Oketz operators wear the same distinctive red berets and the unit's graduation ceremony is held at the Paratroopers headquarters. However, in order to join Oketz, the recruit must choose the Kfir Infantry Brigade as their preferred choice in the request form and then pass the unit's trials.


Oketz prefers the Belgian Shepherd (Malinois), over the German Shepherd and Rottweiler, which were formerly employed by the unit. The reasons for this preference are twofold: one, the Malinois is large enough to effectively attack an enemy while still being small enough to be picked up by its handler, and two, their coats are short and typically of a neutral to fair color, making them less prone to heatstroke.

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