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Studio album by L'Aura
Released April 22, 2005
Genre Pop
Length 45:55
Label Epic
Producer l'Aura
L'Aura chronology

Okumuki is the debut album by Italian singer L'Aura, issued in 2005. The album was Produced, Arranged, Engineered and Mixed by Enrique Gonzalez Müller.

Track listing[edit]

  1. Demons (In your dreams) (Laura Abela/Dan Fries)
  2. Una favola (Laura Abela)
  3. Radio star (Laura Abela/Dan Fries)
  4. Piove (Laura Abela)
  5. Breathing (Laura Abela)
  6. Domani (Laura Abela)
  7. Lettere d'amore (Laura Abela/Dan Fries)
  8. Alice (Laura Abela)
  9. Mr. Oh! (Laura Abela)
  10. Today (Laura Abela)
  11. If everybody had a gun (Laura Abela)

Okumuki (re-release) (2006)[edit]

After the participation at the Sanremo Music Festival, L'Aura re-released Okumuki with three new songs, Irraggiungibile, sung at Sanremo, Dar Lin, Degli Alberi and a cover of Life On Mars by David Bowie. The re-release has been very successful and was certified Gold in Italy.

  1. Irraggiungibile
  2. Today
  3. Radio star
  4. Una favola
  5. Demons (In your dreams)
  6. Piove
  7. Dar Lin
  8. Breathing
  9. Degli alberi
  10. If everybody had a gun
  11. Alice
  12. Domani
  13. Lettere d'amore
  14. Mr. Oh!
  15. Life on Mars