Olav Reiersøl

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Olav Reiersøl
Born (1908-06-28)June 28, 1908
Died February 14, 2001(2001-02-14) (aged 92)
Nationality Norwegian
Fields Statistics
Alma mater University of Oslo (cand. real. 1935)
Known for Instrumental variables
Influences Alf Guldberg (sv)
Ragnar Frisch
Harald Cramér
Influenced Roy C. Geary

Olav Reiersøl (June 28, 1908 – February 14, 2001) was a Norwegian statistician and econometrician, who made several substantial contributions to econometrics and statistics. His works on identifiability and instrumental variables are standard references both in econometrics and statistics,[1] and his work on genetic algebras are frequently cited in genetics.

Reiersøl became interested in the international language Esperanto at a young age, and later in life used it to keep in touch with other mathematicians. He was one of the founders of the Esperanto association Internacia Asocio de Esperantistaj Matematikistoj ("International Association of Esperantist Mathematicians").[2]

He was made a fellow of the Econometric Society in 1952.


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